Cis-524 week3 discussions | Computer Science homework help

CIS-524 week 3 discussion 1

“Electronic Ballots” Please respond to the following:

  • One criticism of electronic ballots for elections is that while intuitive for younger voters who are familiar with using a mouse to point and click, elderly voters and motor-impaired users will have difficulty controlling a mouse. Discuss how you would correct this issue so that every demographic would have an equal opportunity to vote. Support your answer.
  • Imagine you have just finished interviewing a recent college graduate for a design position within your company. At the end of the interview, the college graduate remarks that design would be much easier if people conformed to the design, rather than the design having to be accessible to diverse populations. Respond to this comment, addressing the legal, societal, and ethical issues that designers face in regard to human-computer interaction.


CIS-524 week3 discussion2

“Interface Design Models” Please respond to the following:

  • Evaluate interface design models and describe design issues across human-computer interaction environments associated with these models. Support your response.
  • Building an interface can be broken down into the phases of design and development. Analyze the activities that take place in both phases, and explain why certain activities should be included in design but not in development.


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