Cis 498 – identifying your company and your role


Activity: Identifying Your Company and Your Role


You have accepted a job offer from the chief information officer at a small business with 30 employees. The company moved into a new building last year and quickly expanded. The CEO has asked the CIO to serve as an executive stakeholder of the project steering committee, which is headed by the lead project manager of the PMO that the company is contracting with.


For this activity, you will establish the fictional company, executives, and team members that you will refer to. You will use the information from this activity to complete your first assignment in Week 2.Using the provided Word Document Template, respond to each of the following:

  1. What is the name of this e-commerce company? (Do not choose a real company.) What is the fictional name of the CEO, and what is the fictional name of the CIO? (You can use a friend or family member if you want, or some celebrity or fictional character.)
  2. In 1–2 paragraphs, describe what kind of business your fictional company is in. Do they sell a product? A service? A new government (non-political, please) agency? A nonprofit or charity, perhaps? The one stipulation is that they must conduct business online, and they must be growing.
  3. Finally, choose one of the following roles on the team. Pick one that is closest to the concentration you have studied. For example, software engineering would be closest to software development, forensic investigation would be closest to cybersecurity. If you have any questions on how to answer this, reach out to your instructor. Which of the following is your major (concentration) closest to?
    • Software Development.
    • Networking.
    • IT Project Management.
    • Data Analytics.
    • Data Management.
    • Cybersecurity (yes, this is the correct spelling).
  4. Now that you have identified your area of expertise based on the concentration you have studied, you will need to identify the members of your team. You will take the place of one of the members, so put your name where it belongs; the other roles can have fictional names assigned to them.
    • Cybersecurity Specialist.
    • Networking Specialist.
    • Data Management Specialist.
    • IT Project Manager (Assistant to the Project Manager).
    • Software Development Team Lead.