Characteristics of the various market structures wk 4 assignment 1

The market structure influence how price and output decisions are made by the firms in their respective structure. In all market structures, one of the primary goals is to maximize profits or minimize losses.


One of the major differences between these market structures is how price and output decisions are made, which in turn depends on the characteristics of each market structure. There are four market structures:

1. Perfect competition

2. Monopolistic competition

3. Oligopoly

4. Monopoly



1. Using Template A (use excel for this template), construct a table that describe the various characteristics of each market structure.

2. Identify a firm for each of these market structures and explain why each firm belongs in the market structure identified.

3. Using Microsoft Excel, construct a graph for each of the market structures and explain how price and output decisions are made in each structure and how they differ.

4. How is marginal analysis used in the price and output decisions of firms in the various market structures?


Template A (use excel for template A)

                                                                 Perfect                Monopolistic                 Oligopoly                Monopoly

                                                              Competition         Competition

Number of firms

Pricing Decisions

Output Decisions


Demand Curve

Ease of Entry

Product Differentiation



1. In a Microsoft Excel document, address each of the questions above, using text boxes for narratives. Explain your answers and use examples.

2. Create a 5-12 slide Power Point presentation that summarizes your respones to the above-noted questions. Do Not include the table created in question 1.