Chapter 2 the cultural context


Pick and respond to one (only one) of the following topics/questions: (your post should be a minimum of 150 words).  reply to at least two other threads. 

1- What are some of the ways you use high-context communication? What are some ways you use low-context communication? Do you prefer one over the other? If so, which one and why?

2- How do you feel when you are faced with uncertainty? Do you feel that you need to have all your plans for a trip, for example, already set before you leave? Do you prefer to have an itinerary for the entire trip or are you more comfortable with not knowing or not planning? Are you certainty or uncertainty oriented? How does your culture contribute to your orientation? 

thread1- When I with uncertainty I usually am very calm so I’m not thrown off and I can think logically about the situation to come to an solution so I feel as though I handle uncertainty very well in most cases. I don’t feel the need to have trips planned strictly out just so we can have room to venture out and do things every one wants to do. But as i say that when i am traveling to places I’ve never been I do like to have like a small to-do list to make sure we’re not wasting the time that we have in this city/state and that we gain something from the trip even if it’s seeing just a small bit of history so we can go home and say oh yeah we’ve been there and seen that. As of right now, in my life I feel I am uncertainty oriented because as a college student anything could wrong at any given time. I would say my culture contributes to my orientation because we’re often faced with adversity it’s not just a walk in the park for most people of color so we often are taught very young to be aware of that.  

thread2-  When I’m faced with uncertainty, I start to over think and get anxious. I don’t always feel like I need to have everything planned or mapped out for a trip or similar situation because I personally don’t feel like it’s completely necessary. I feel like the only thing I need to have planned and organized is knowing where I stay or something that is extremely important that will impact myself or whoever I travel with. I am a mix between being a certainty and uncertainty orientated person. In a lot of situations I don’t feel the need to always feel certain about how things go but then I start to over think about the situation at hand and then that’s when I start to feel uncertain. I don’t really feel like my culture contributes to my orientation because the way I was raised and who I was raised around was everybody had to always be certain about plans and have everything planned and I just went on my ow decisions on going about things and situations my own way.