Chapter 2 | Information Systems homework help

Topic: Healthcare’s Vulnerability to Ransomware Attacks 

Research question: To what extent is the healthcare system vulnerable to ransomware attacks?

Chapter 2 Layout:

·         First paragraph – The topic, problem, purpose of the dissertation.

·         Second paragraph – How the rest of chapter 2 will be formatted.

·         Search Strategy – 1  to 2 paragraphs.

·         Theory/Model/Variables – This is just the overview of the theory/model they are using, 10 pages.

·         Lit Review – This is the Theory/model/Variables “In Action.” All the literature on the how’s, when’s and results of this model. This is their foundation to use that model, 20 pages.

·         Testing review – Where are they testing this? IT, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Forensics, the population, scholarly literature in this field, 10 to 20 pages.

·         Their contribution – How they are tying the two together? 5 pages.

·         Summary/Conclusions – 1 to 2 pages.