Chapter 15 preschool teacher evaluations (kee)

 Assignment incomplete without the self evaluation

To create a graphic organizer to  summarize the process and procedures involved in evaluating staff  members and to evaluate your graphic organizer.

You have just been hired as director of  an early childhood center. You quickly realize that many of the  teachers on your staff are recent hires. They are a vocal group that  enjoys discussing teaching strategies and experiences. But you have  noticed an undercurrent of anxiety surrounding the teacher evaluation  process. There seem to be as many different ideas about evaluation  floating around as there are teachers. You decide to address your plan  for teacher evaluations head-on at the first staff meeting. You begin  with a graphic organizer that summarizes your plan. You realize how  important it will be to give teachers a clear idea of what criteria you  plan to use to evaluate their teaching. You also realize that your staff  is also eager to know at what time of year they can expect you to  evaluate them. You give careful thought to what would be a realistic  time frame.

Focus Assignment: 

Create a graphic organizer (e.g., a timeline or flowchart) to  summarize how you plan to carry out teacher evaluations. Include four or  five points to capture how you will collect, summarize, analyze, and  use the data. Next, list seven or eight criteria that you will use to  evaluate the quality of instruction Last, map out what you believe to be  a realistic evaluation time-frame and incorporate that information into  your organizer.


1. For each item of your graphic organizer, explain how this guideline addresses the issues in the scenario