Powerpoint presentation and research paper

Topic: Internet of Things

Outline for Presentation

  • Define your topic and its associated ethical dilemma (ethical values or principles)
  • Identify the facts: Stake holders, activity, actions, laws (or lack of)
  • Briefly outline two or three options / solutions and their consequences (intended and unintended) 
  • Thoughtful discussion questions or prompts to engage the class to discuss the conflict or dilemma 
  • What did you find surprising about this issue or the class discussion???
  • Last word:  Your opinion and justification…any changes from discussion input.

Also write the research paper with the same content

Action plan needed asap | Nursing homework help



You are working as a nurse consultant for the World Health Organization (WHO). You are asked to create an action plan for an awareness campaign surrounding a major global health issue.

Create an action plan for your awareness campaign. 

Sections of the plan should include:

  • Background and significance of healthcare concern (including incidence and distribution)
  • Objectives of the campaign (include at least three)
  • Target audience (including considerations of social determinants, ethical concerns, and human rights)
  • Methods for implementation (materials, communication tools, activities, etc.)
  • Information to convey (key messages), including a campaign slogan
  • Evaluation strategy
  • Timeline for the campaign

Not a set number of pages please fully read below on how to prepare the assignment 

Must be in APA 7th edition and professionally and thoroughly not basic it should be  written with scholarly references no older than 5 years


What is a public awareness campaign?


What is a public awareness campaign?A public awareness campaign is a marketing effort to build public recognition of a problem through media, messaging, and an organized set of communication tactics.  These campaigns target a large number of people over a specific period of time to try and generate specific outcomes or achieve pre-determined goals.Why are public awareness campaigns important?Public awareness campaigns are important because they can be used to contribute to policy change by putting pressure on policy-makers and encouraging the community to take action.  These campaigns can inform the community about a current problem by highlighting and drawing attention to it in such a way that the information and education provided can solicit action to make changes.How do you create a public awareness campaign?Here are some steps you can take to create your own public awareness campaign:

  1. Determine your topic and goals of your campaign.  Your goals should focus on big issues and include SMART goals.
  2. Decide on the modality you will use to disseminate the information.  Will you need a special software like a website or email campaign generator?  What will you need to effectively spread your message?
  3. Identify your supporters.  If you are raising awareness about an issue that impacts your local community, ensure you are engaging the community members.  Once you have engaged your community members, you now have a network of supporters to help promote your cause.  
  4. Engage community leaders and develop champions.  Community leaders can share your message with specific audiences that other supporters may not be able to reach.  These leaders are most often top business leaders, policymakers, or influential community members.
  5. Create a Media Strategy.  What types of media will you use to engage your community?  How will you use social media to your benefit?  Will you pay for ad space?  Will you contact your local newspaper for an article?  How often will you share your message?  
  6. Develop a comprehensive implementation plan.  It is important to create a detailed document that specifically calls out SMART goals and activities you will implement each step of the way of your campaign.  The plan can help keep you on track and help you monitor your progress.  Check out the World Health Organization’s Comprehensive Implementation Plan on Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition for an example.
  7. Tie into other efforts.  Check out what other awareness campaigns exist in your community and learn from them.  What works?  What doesn’t?  How can you use what they have learned to ensure your campaign is a success?
  8. Fundraising and budgeting.  You need to ensure you have a specific budget in place and have fundraising strategies in place.

What are some examples of effective public awareness campaigns?


Entr615 u1ip | ENTR615 Entrepreneurship & Intrapreneurship: Skills for Success | Colorado Technical University

According to Abrams (2012), entrepreneurs make enormous contributions to societies around the globe. Fast-growing entrepreneurial ventures transform entire economies. Even smaller enterprises make tremendous contributions to their health and stability of their communities.

Complete the following:

  • Profile an entrepreneur who has created a product or service that you currently use. 
  • Refer to the infographic titled “Developing Business Prospects,” and discuss the process that this entrepreneur used. 
  • Compare and contrast their personality attributes with your own.


Abrams, R. (2012). Entrepreneurship: A real world approach. Planning Shop. 

Part 4 group assignment-quest diagnostics company


Here’s the criteria for Part Four: 

Integrating your previous analysis and comparing and contrasting the differences in financial policies (e.g., corporate investing & financing decisions) across the companies, discuss the following:(Required no of pages-1 is enough)
1. Evaluate  company’s-Quest Diagnostics recent strategic actions from the financial perspective;
2. Your recommendations on how  company-Quest Diagnostics can improve their financial policies;
3. Your recommendation on the  company-Quest Diagnostics most likely to be more successful in the future.

This is a group(Total 3 People) Assignment .I am Assigned with Quest Diagnostics Company.Other’s are assigned with Labcorp company and Davita Company.others already completed their tasks and waiting on my company task.Please find the attached document-Reference of others how Davita and Labcorp companies assigned people written and take it as reference and write about Quest Diagnostics.I am also attaching previous assignments(Part 1,Part 2,Part 3) to understand more about quest diagnostics and other companies

Tax memo | Accounting homework help

In this assignment, you will reverse engineer a tax memo from a court case. I have enclosed a sample tax memo format for you to follow.

Sample Memo Format  

Research Problem 


  1.  The code section should relate to partnership distributions, transfers of interests, sales, or terminations. 
  2. Locate the Internal Revenue Code Section that governs the topic of your choice. 
  3. Search a tax research database (CCH, BNA, etc.) for a court case involving your topic and code section of choice. 
  4. Read the court case and familiarize yourself with the parties involved, facts surrounding case, etc. 
  5. Synthesize your court case into a tax memo.

Week 2 ass 420 | HIM 420 Health Information Governance & Strategic Planning | Ashford University


Disaster Planning and Recovery

From a healthcare organization perspective, develop a disaster recovery plan for either an organization or a hospital department. Include

  • A description of healthcare disaster issues in general and for your state.
  • Develop a list of consequences of loss of data from a disaster (for example, risk of losing data required for patient care that can have life or death ramifications).
  • Identify a list of minimal resources required to maintain business operations.
  • Determine the priority for resuming business functions.

Discussion -100 words | man 4597


The following video is a Ted Talk that examines the true nature of global exports. Please watch this video and think about how your medium size to large enterprise might integrate these global sources as they are described into your core business.

1Watch VideoScott Szwast: The global business next door
User: n/a – Added: 10/29/15YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtT3zLWmCHg

Discuss the advantages and challenges.

Your initial post should be a minimum of 100 words

Week 4 writing project part 4 (presentation) | income tax accounting


The complete Writing Project and Presentation is found in Getting Started. Upload the portion of the project due this week.


Writing, using software, and interpreting results is a large part of your learning experience. These assignments are designed to improve your use of technology and communication skills. Using proper business English and resources from the library you will comment and share your research with your classmates. Make sure you note your source in proper APA format.

Project Information:

You are a manager at a local accounting firm, and Kate and Sam Smith are your clients.  It is the end of the year, and they have come to ask your advice on some tax planning strategies, as well as help preparing their tax return.

Week 4 Writing Assignment Part 4:

This project is split into four (4) parts with one (1) part due each week of the course. Based on your readings, use of technology, research of literature, and other sources do the following:

Week 4: Present your findings as if you were presenting them to the clients.

Due Dates: This project is completed over several weeks so be sure to follow the due dates carefully.

Grading Rubric: Please refer to the grading rubric specific requirements

Library Assistance

Link to Keiser’s elibrary resources:  http://kesu-verso.auto-graphics.com/MVC/

PowerPoint instruction on how to use the Keiser elibrary:   Keiser Slide show Library-Orientation-login-and-navigate-lesson1.pptx Keiser Slide show Library-Orientation-login-and-navigate-lesson1.pptx – Alternative Formats

Guidance on how to log in and use the Keiser elibrary:   KU Library login guide2014October3.pdf KU Library login guide2014October3.pdf – Alternative Formats

How to cite work from the library:   How to cite work from the library.docx  How to cite work from the library.docx – Alternative Formats

This link helps with APA format:  https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html

Graded Activity:

Click on Getting Started to review the requirements for the writing project.  Then click the title link above labeled “Week 4 Writing Project – Part 4” to upload part 4 of the writing project.

Nursing values and professional ethics | NURS 8100 – Healthcare Policy and Advocacy | Walden University


What is the importance of values and ethics? Values and ethics set the tone for human behavior. Values and ethics determine how we interact with the world, with those around us, and with ourselves. Values and ethics provide the framework for how we view the world, as well as what we put out into it. Nursing values and professional ethics are no different. These values and ethics determine the code by which we care, communicate, and approach the job of nursing. 

So, what role do nursing values and professional ethics play on public health and policy? 

For this Discussion, you will consider the role of nursing values and professional ethics on your selected advocacy issue. You will also consider the impact of law, politics, and ethics on the issue. 


Post a response detailing the following:

  • Describe the nursing values and professional ethics related to the advocacy priority identified for the selected population (you can pick one appropriate)
  • Why do our nursing values and ethics demand it be on the agenda? 
  • Compare the role of law, ethics, or politics on the population identified in your Week 2 Advocacy Area Assignment. Consider which area (law, ethics, or politics) has the most impact on the area.