Case study: improving learner comprehension

Choose one case study from this list for this assignment. Approach this task as though you were a resource teacher or department head. Suggest improvements or strategies to the teacher to ensure student progress. Complete your assignment in the format of your choice. – bullet points are fine. does not need to be in essay format. Case 1 A Grade 7 teacher is disappointed by the results his students obtained on their latest Science test. He was convinced that students understood the concepts and were ready to demonstrate their knowledge in a written test, but most of them performed at only Level 2 and none of the students with IEPs passed the test. Case 2 While completing a Grade 10 reading comprehension test, a student with special needs is getting frustrated. She knows the answer to most questions, but she cannot seem to write them down in an organized fashion. Furthermore, the noise of the other students, especially those who are already done, is very distracting. Case 3 A Grade 2 student is sitting at his desk, waiting. The teacher has assigned a writing task, but he does not know what to do or where to start. Walking by, the teacher tells him that he had better start working because time is running out. The child pushes his desk away from him and runs out of the classroom. Case 4 In a Grade 12 Math class, the teacher frequently gives exit card questions to her students to measure their current understanding and to guide her next lesson. As most students demonstrate a solid understanding of the lesson, she is ready to wrap up this unit with a performance task. She wonders what to do for the two students who have not yet grasped the concepts.