Case study chapter 14 | Computer Science homework help


Assignment Instructions:

· Complete the attached Chapter 14 case study

· The response to the case study should be no less than 15 pages in APA format. This does not include the title page and reference page.

· As part of this assignment you will also present a 10-15 slide Power Point presentation using voice over narration to present your case study and findings.  Use this web page to get instructions on how to do voice overs if you are unfamiliar with Power Point:


1. Review and Read Chapter 14, then apply the same green IT strategies and applications to a business in the telecommunications sector. type of building or small group of clustered buildings. You may even use where you work. The scale is macro and will require research.

2. You work should be no less than fifteen pages in APA format. If you are have a hard time deciding how to organize your work you should look no further than Chapter 13, in fact, I highly recommend doing so for your own convenience.