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Alexis Carollo

11:39am Oct 22 at 11:39am

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According to this week’s required article, EBP models can be broken up into themes. The themes are as follows “(1) EBP, Research Utilization, and Knowledge Transformation Processes; models can be (2) Strategic/ Organizational Change Theory to Promote Uptake and Adoption of identified in the New Knowledge; and (3) Knowledge Exchange and Synthesis for Application literature. and Inquiry” (Stevens, K.R. (2013))

One model, that our lesson talks about is the Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Model. As our lesson describes, this models main focus is translating research into practice. Of all the different models described in our lesson, this one to me seems to be the simplest and most straight forward. It is comprised of 3 parts 1. Practice Question, 2. Collection of Evidence and 3. Translation of the evidence into practice. (CCN NR-451, Online Lesson Week 1)

The strength of the evidence means everything when translating into practice. I remember from taking the Evidence Based Practice class that your research must be quality for it to matter enough to change practice. How big is the sample size? How many variables are there? How many constants are there? What are the comparisons within the research? Do the results remain the same time after time? All of these questions come into play when you are trying to gauge the strength of the research.

I think the nurse’s responsibility when EBP and patient/family practice do not match is to teach! Educate the patient and their family why our practice is a certain way, inform them that nursing practice comes from research and best outcomes. This will give patients and their family some insight onto why we function the way we do, even if it sometimes conflicts with their views. Of course we must teach from a non-judgmental place and also take their values and possibly cultural preferences into consideration.



Chamberlain College of Nursing NR 451, (2017) Week 1 Online Lesson – Establishing Differences in Research, Evidence Based Practice and Quality Improvement Projects


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