Can someone do my week 6 discussion 1 bus621: leadership &teamwork? | BUS621 Leadership and Teamwork | University of Arizona


Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the article, This Bud’s for Who? The Battle for Budweiser’ Spans Centuries, Countries, and CourthousesLinks to an external site., which provides information on the longest running commercial disputes between Anheuser-Busch and Budějovický Budvar. Also, read Anheuser-Busch Wins Long Running Battle against Budweiser BudvarLinks to an external site., which reviews the Federal Court of Appeals decision on the longstanding dispute between Budweiser Budvar and Anheuser-Busch. You can also research additional articles on this topic to assist with this discussion.

One company is from the United States and the other  from Europe. Discuss the difficulties that both faced in operating in international markets. How might leadership from both companies been able to avoid some of the difficulties that you discovered? Discuss two lessons that you learned from the articles about entering your business into international markets. Your discussion post should be 250 words.