C.using kids as brand ambassadors is particularly complex because of

 icon 10 generic list Entrepreneurial Small Business by Jerome Katz, …

A.(10 Points) Business Plan Assignment: Business Plan: The ORGANIZATION Draft (See page 234- 239).:


b.Organizational Structure/Chart:



B.(20 Points) Review the Chapter 11 Mini-Case: “The Multiple Marketing Efforts of FLIPOUTZ”” (P. 414) and answer the following questions:

a.Why do you think FLIPOUTZ used so many different types of marketing?

b.What were the different marketing techniques contributing to sales?

c.Using kids as brand ambassadors is particularly complex because of the COPPA regulations, but in looking for brand ambassadors in general, what would you look for in a person?

d.For FLIPOUTZ, personal selling was done in multiple venues, to multiple audiences. How would you vary your sales pitch for FLIPOUTZ when talking to:

i.Prospective kid brand ambassadors

ii.Small retailers

iii.Sharks on Shark Tank?

C.(20 Points) You Tube Assignment:: View the following You Tube Video: “Warren Buffett – Advice for Entrepreneurs” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P23HnJM-2kM)


b.Summarize (minimum 300 words)

This is the business draft idea you helped me create> 🙂

The business idea that I have is producing a nutritious and organic energy drink targeting millennials, especially athletes and people that wish to cut weight. The idea is inspired by the trends in consumer needs in the market where most people prefer organic foods and beverages. The company will be called Salutem, situated in the U.S. but has a mission for becoming a multinational corporation. Salutem will produce organic beverages and after-sales customer services. The value proposition for the company is that we offer a healthy organic drink that is carefully packed in eco-friendly bottles and cans at an affordable price to help you live a healthier and wholesome lifestyle.

so you can have a better idea when creating the organization draft