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Please review all the videos, they are not that long, and for the most part quite interesting.

the videos:

question 1:

1. Identify 3-5 things that you learned that managers should do when increasing their team management skills and behaviors

2. Groupthink: This can be a silent but deadly issues with teams that seem to getting along too well – so, how will you prevent this from happening if you are a manager, or even if you are just a team member, what can you do to ensure that good team cohesiveness doesn’t lead to groupthink over time?


question 2:

Complete and score the team leadership skills Self-Assessment on pg. 411-412, CH 17 in your textbook.  Based on your scoring what are your strongest dimensions of team leadership and what are your lower areas that may need improvement.

1. What can you continue to do to maintain and even build on your team dimension strengths?

2. What can you do to improve upon some of your team dimension areas that need improvement ?


question 3:

Please read the analysis section on pg 395, CH 17 of your textbook, “Unproductive Meetings are Major Time Wasters.”

1.  What are your thoughts regarding the data presented on team meetings – have you had this same experience sitting in team meetings in a work, volunteer or class team, if so, what did you think about that experience?

2 Since we know many team meetings tend to be ineffective time wasters – what can you do to ensure as a manager or even a contributing member of a team to ensure that team meetings are more productive for you and everyone on the team?


question 4:

Please read pg 398, CH 17 in your textbook, “Creating Disharmony to Build a Better Team,” and then answer:

1. Given your own experience and observation of other teams, do you think team leaders/managers and other team members should accommodate superstars on the team, or is doing this going to be to problematic to keeping a team together (remember most team members in work don’t make millions of dollars like Michael Jordan and his teammates) – Please share your thoughts, share your own relevant team examples to support your ideas.


question 5:

Please read pg 405, CH 17 in your textbook, “Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Feeds Innovation with Two-Pizza Teams.” 

1. After reading this, what do you think of the Two-Pizza Team concept, Please share your thoughts, use your own examples from teams you’ve been on that support your ideas.