Business finance – management executing the project. martian movie

The movie “The Martian” can be viewed through the framework of project management. There are two different but simultaneous projects going on in The Martian. One is the survival project of Mark Watney and the other is the project aiming to save him. Watney has the right skills for his survival project: he’s a botanist, he knows how to repair a broken Pathfinder and the most important thing is he doesn’t panic even in his first day alone on Mars. On the other hand, he’s not alone in this project. The members of the ‘remote’ team helping him are trying their best to achieve their goal. This is a good example for the importance of the communication between the team even if they are far away!

For this assignment, as we watch the movie, you will be required to address the following questions and answer them.  

  • Follow APA formatting guidelines (i.e. include a reference page) Do not allow your margins to be reduced by utilizing bullet point margins. This will lead to point deductions. 
  • Each team is required to submit a copy of the team’s paper, in order to receive credit.
  • Develop a PowerPoint presentation to present to the class. Each question should be presented by a different person. Each team group will ask at least one question for each presentation.

Question #1 (1 full page)According to the PMBOK® Guide—Fourth edition (PMI, 2008a, p. 434) the definition of a project is “a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique project service or result.” “Projects are temporary and close down on the completion of the work they were chartered to deliver”.  A project can be considered to be any series of activities and tasks that:

  • Have a specific objective to be completed within certain specifications
  • Have defined start and end dates
  • Have funding limits, if applicable
  • Consume human and nonhuman resources, such as money, people, equipment
  • Are multifunctional (i.e., cut across several functional lines)

How does this definition fit the movie personalities and events versus just operations management?Question #2 (~3 pages or 1 page each process)Select 3 of the project management processes below. For each of the 3 you must 1) provide a brief description of each process, 2) describe how Mark Watney or one of the project teams manages this process, and 3) provide a specific example of the management of this process from the movie and why this is a good example.Perform Integrated Change ControlValidate and Control ScopeControl ScheduleControl CostsControl QualityControl ResourcesMonitor CommunicationsMonitor RisksControl ProcurementsManage Stakeholder EngagementQuestion #3 (1/2 to 1 full page)Do you think Mark Watney is a champion? Why or why not?