Business ethics week 6 in-class activity


6-1 In-class Activity

What do you think about Masterpiece Cakeshop owner Jack Phillips’ action & the Colorado Civil Rights Commission’s treatment of Phillips? Answer the following questions:

Q1. Do you think that Jack Phillips, the baker, wrongly discriminated against gay couples when he refused to make wedding cakes for the gay couple?

Q2. Do you think that the Colorado Civil Rights Commission requiring the baker to either (a) make wedding cake for couples regardless of their sexual orientation or (b) not make wedding cakes at all violated the baker’s right to free speech or free religious exercise? 


Q. Does Corvino successfully identify morally relevant dissimilarities in the arguments by analogy in Phillips’ defense?

-It seems like Corvino believes that refusing to make a Halloween cake to any customer is a design-based refusal, while refusing to make a wedding cake to a same-sex couple is a user-based refusal.-Do you agree that this is the case?