Business case research paper | Computer Science homework help


Select an industry of interest such as automobile, hospital and banking. Identify and describe some of the problems affecting the industry where  may be used. An example is that you can write your research paper on a phone application. Identify the reasons (technological and / or business drivers) behind the problems.

  1.  and research different systems solutions (3 options) or technologies currently available or under development that may help solve the problem.  
  2. . Briefly tell me why you selected that business case template and how it is associated with the (technological and/or business drivers) problem that you selected for your Business Case Research paper.
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A Business Case Definition:  Documentation detailing the requirements to move an idea from conceptualization to project initiation.

For this assignment, I want you to compare and contrast a Business Case and a Business Plan. Include definitions and applications.  Also please explore business case templates. The above definition of a business case is mine, if you would like to offer a different definition as part of your assignment, please do so, but of course you will defend it therein