Blog, vlog, or podcast analysis

What are you interested in? Once you graduate, what job do you plan to find or what career goals to you have?

For this assignment, I want you to find FIVE  blogs, vlogs (video blogs) or podcasts to read, watch, or listen. I recommend at least one of each to expose yourself to each genre – five total (for example: 2 blogs, 2 vlogs, 1 podcast)

BUT, these must be in the field you will work in when you graduate. For example if you are in marketing, find blogs, vlogs or podcasts created by marketers. If you are in accounting, find blogs, vlogs, or podcasts about accounting (I just Googled ACCOUNTING BLOGS and there are some great ones!).


1. Pay attention to the content that the creators are sharing. Take notes. Find the attached worksheet below and use it to add your notes and the links to the sites.

2. Identify:

  • What is their catchy title (do they have a good one?)
  • What is the hook at the beginning to get you to read or listen?
  • What are they sharing? How is it valuable? How have they organized their content? Are they sharing a story and if they are how did it impact you?
  • What is their closing? What action have you been asked or inspired to take?

3. Sending me a memo- properly formatted – sharing your analysis the blogs, vlogs, or podcasts you visited. In the analysis you should answer the questions above and elaborate on them.

As part of the closing of your memo, tell me what you learned about the topic and about creating a blog, vlog, or podcast by visiting these content creators.


 For this assignment, the following parameters must be observed:

  • Use your memo template
  • Times New Roman or Arial font, size 12
  • Typed and single-spaced and short paragraphs (you can use as many paragraphs as you need).