Biology week 4 assignment: human-caused environmental issues –

Part 1: Initial Blog Post on a Human-caused Environmental Issue

After completing this week’s reading assignment (Chapters 30, 31 & 32), select a human-caused environmental issue (for example, climate change, species extinction, etc) and research it further. Find a reliable, useful website that discusses the human impacts to the environment caused by this issue.  No duplicate websites are permitted. [NOTE: Neither open resources nor open blogs can be used as sources of information; see ‘Researching Information’ within the class for more information on appropriate credible/reliable sources of information]. 

This is not an opinion assignment; therefore information presented about the Human-caused Environmental Issue must be supported by reliable academic resources (facts supported by research) and cited per APA.  

Part 2: Peruse some of the Blog entries made by your fellow classmates. Choose at least one that you found useful and comment on how the website helped you with your understanding. The comment should be 100 words minimum.

reply to this post: Humans as a species have impacted the environment in many ways to name just a few over population, pollution, and deforestation. Changes like these have led to climate change, erosion, air pollution, and undrinkable water.  To think that all these changes happening over a short period of time and even if you don’t think so even mental changes in humanity as disasters get worse and the loss of food and water get either too hard to come buy or just too expensive to buy. I am most worried about the depletion of our ozone layer, which is a thin layer of gas around the earth that protects us from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. The production of chemicals like the one that goes into our refrigerators to keep them cold over the decades has decreased the size of the ozone layer. The ozone protects all life on earth and without it life would not be able to survive. The Motreal Protocol which is an international treaty to phase out all the chemicals that harm our ozone layer. There is hope because the ozone has seen approvements but there is still much work that needs to be done.