Biology assignment 4.1: family structures


Assignment 4.1: Family Structures 

Choose ONE of the following types of family structures

-Nuclear Family

-Blended Family

-Single Parent Family

Based off the family structure you chose, answer the following questions in your assignment

1. Within the structure you chose, what kind of benefits do the adults and children of the family experience? What are the disadvantages? 

2. How do parents and children typically interact within this type of structure? 

3. If you were tasked with helping a family of your chosen structure improve their relationship with one another, what would you suggest or help them with? 

Assignment Expectations for Grading:  

1. Demonstration of critical thinking, scholarship, and ability to connect and apply the material 

2. Comprehensiveness and completeness of your responses 

3. Adherence to the written instructions 

4. Spelling and grammar

5. Provide 3-5 APA Style References to support your paper.

Step 2: Save and Submit your assignment