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 My Research Paper is Subculture ( Bikers Culture ).

I want to write Thesis Statement  for ( Bikers Culture ). I want to write a perfect Thesis Statement.



Thesis Statement

1. Read the tips for writing thesis statements:


2.  Using your knowledge from the materials discussed in class and these items on-line, create a new thread where you post your thesis for your subculture. (( bikers culture ))

3.  Once you have posted your thesis, comment on the thesis statements of 5 (five) classmates using the following guidelines to give feedback:

Thesis statement guidelines:

It is an arguable statement.

It is a complete sentence that expresses your position/opinion on a given topic.

It narrows down your topic to a specific, single focus of investigation.

It establishes a direction for the entire paper.

It is stated in your introduction.

A thesis is never a question; it could be the answer to a question.

 A thesis is not an announcement of purpose.

 A thesis is not simply a topic.

 A thesis is not a fact.



Here are sample theses for the same subculture.  Know that one of them is a solid thesis; the other does not work:

Weak:  Political cults are dangerous even though many people freely join them.

Stronger:  Political cults, which are one type of many distinct versions of cults, focus on changes or interests in the government; however, they are not always effective in achieving the change that they may desire due to their one-sided viewpoints and ideologies, which in turn only harms its members, both physically and psychologically.

Weak:  The swinger subculture is controversial.

Stronger:  Beyond the obvious level of sexual satisfaction, swinging has been proven to strengthen the emotional and spiritual relationship two committed individuals share with each other.  Despite what mainstream population says about this subculture, swinging can be a very beneficial lifestyle.

Weak:  Emos are dark and moody people, mostly teens, who often participate in activities that are questionable.

Strong:  In a culture equally fascinated with creating and refuting labels, emo kids are a

phenomenon that resists total and/or absolute identification, presenting multiple contradictions while simultaneously emo culture consists of participants whom other individuals could immediately identify as emo.


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