Avoiding the zombie apocalypse | ethic in a pandemic world


Watch the video: Epidemics and the end of humankind | Rosalind Eggo | TEDxThessaloniki

Analyze needed personal actions in a pandemic world.

Include the following aspects in the assignment:

·  Share your thoughts immediately upon watching the video. Did it surprise you that this video was made fully two years ago in 2018?

·  How did you feel about the curves based upon the organism? Does this help put any pandemic in context of the specific aspects of the particular virus?

·  After examining what impacts the spread of the virus, have you changed your opinions of the needed actions?

·  There is no right or wrong answer here, you will be graded on the depth of your reflection

·  Cite any references used. Use proper grammar, sentence structure, and spelling at all times. Use your own words. Copying and pasting is not allowed.