Assessment 7 | Education homework help

 This is a powerpoint assignment

In this section of the assessment, you will research and report on assessment questionnaires/tools that can be used to assess the development of 4 to 5 year old children. You will research the Ages and Stages Questionnaire, which can be found at and two additional questionnaires, developmental checklists, or other tools that you independently select.  For each selection you will conduct research utilizing  academic articles. The information needs to be formatted as a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation will include a minimum of 14 slides including a title slide and a reference slide

* As you are completing your research, do not confuse assessment questionnaires (screening tools), with assessment tools. A screening questionnaire is intended as the first line of early intervention; a baseline. As your research for the sharing forum indicated, diagnostic and on going assessment are much more involved. You can refer back to that research by clicking on the following links:

For the purpose of this assignment, you are not researching assessment tools. Instead, that will be covered in a different section of the course. For more information about screening tools you may use the information shared in the discussion forum or embedded in this assignment. I also encourage you to to your own research as well.*



1. Brief description of each questionnaire/tools components. Use separate slides for each of the 3 descriptions of the various screening tools.. 

2.  Description of how a teacher would implement the questionnaire/tool. 

3.  Description of the advantages and disadvantages for each questionnaire/tool. Describe advantages and disadvantages of each tool individually. 

4.  Description of how the teacher would utilize the information obtained from each questionnaire/tool to educate parents to promote continued development in their young children. 

5.Your PowerPoint presentation should be professional and grammatically correct.  You must consult a minimum of 3 scholarly resources which may include academic articles, the textbook, professional websites.  

Do not plagiarize.  Do not copy any information directly.  Write the information in your own words, unless you indicate appropriately that the material is a direct quote.