Assess the impact of the course write positive feedback please…

Assess the Impact of the Course

Write positive feedback please…
Since you have now explored and had experience with all of the parts of a research proposal, it is now time for you pull all of this all together and write a brief proposal in an area you are interested in. The more practice you have at writing scholarly papers the better you get.

In addition, you will be asked to reflect over the course and report how the course made an impact on you both personally and professionally.

Required Reading:

Assignment 13 Reflective Essay

Assess the Impact of the Course
The final course reflection will provide valuable information on the type of impact the course had on the learner. Answer the following question and send your response to your mentor.

• What type of impact did the course have on you both personally and professionally?

Length of essay: 1-2 pages

Submit your document in the Course Work area below the Activity screen.

Learning Outcomes: 12
Assignment Outcomes
Evaluate professional growth and development in scholarly writing through use of course reflection.