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Artifact and Summary


In this activity, you will submit one of your artifacts and an associated summary for review. The intent of this activity is to provide feedback on the artifact and assure the artifact fits well in the cell (row and column combination in the BOK matrix) it is assigned. The explanation on why you have assigned an artifact to a particular cell should be clearly explained in the summary. The feedback provided by the instructor should be used as a guideline to prepare the rest of your artifacts and summaries.


Strongly recommend that student submit more substantive summaries for review, with relevant examples justifying the chosen KAA, Methodology, and Planning Levels. You must clearly discuss why a particular artifacts fits well in your chosen KAA, why you think it fits well your chosen methodology, and discuss why you think your chosen artifact fits well your chosen planning level. Substantiate your discussion with examples from your artifact’s research topic. Remember to update the BOK Matrix template file in eportfolio, every time you add more Artifacts and Summaries, showing the correlation of your chosen KAA’s, Methodologies, and Planning Levels. Do this throughout the Term so that I am able to track your weekly progress.




Provide an original, unaltered Artifact along with a separate Summary document for each KAA which clearly explains of how and why the chosen KAAs, Methodologies, and Planning Levels fit well with your submitted Artifacts. Provide examples to substantiate your explanations. In your Summaries, relate the KAAs, Methodologies, and Planning Levels with respect to the Artifact associated with each Summary, with a discussion from your point of view as to why the Artifact is a good fit for your chosen KAAs, Methodologies, and Planning Levels. Follow APA format. Also remember to update the BOK Matrix every time you add more Artifacts and Summaries throughout the Term. In the beginning of your Summary indicate the following: Knowledge/Application Area: _________________ Methodology: __________________ Planning Level: