Article summary (mla style) | English homework help


Part I. Summary

Write a 200-250 word summary of the source (you can read the section on summary writing from this page Summary, Evaluation, Synthesis.  (Links to an external site.)

Make sure to include an MLA citation of your source below your summary paragraph.  (Refer back to the MLA Citation PowerPoint from the Week 2 Quiz if you need help remembering how to do this.)

Part II. Evaluation

1. Who is the author of this source? What authority or experience do they have with this topic? (This will require you to do a little background research on the author). 

2. In what site did you find this source? And what do you think the purpose of the site is (to educate? entertain? inform? persuade?) 

3. Does the information from this article seem unbiased? How can you tell? 

Part III. Reflection

1. How does this source answer your research question(s)?  

2. What new, surprising, or unexpected information came up? 

3. What questions do you have now that you did not have before?