Antigone as tragic hero | English homework help

I. Introduction

A. Key term information on the meaning of tragic hero for the ancient Greeks

B. Thesis suggesting through multiple keys that Creon or Antigone (not both)

is that hero

II. Background story for the central conflicts and instances of hamartia

A. Background on anagnorisis

B. Background on hubris

III. Presentation of the other protagonist as a contender for tragic hero, with evidence

IV. Presentation of your own tragic hero as a flawed protagonist, with evidence

V. Decisive arguments for the superior case regarding either Antigone or Creon

VI. Closure and restatement of thesis in some form (direct statement, metaphor, rhetorical 

question, or citation and interpretation of a telling quote), with definitive final assertion

NOTE: This essay will employ citations from the play (citing line numbers), at least two critics

found in the ECC library databases (Literature Resource Center or Literary Reference Center),

and support for the moral and/or effectual judgments of the character(s) .

Sources will be cited in your text and in a separate works cited list—all in MLA format.