Ancient egyptian iconography | Architecture and Design homework help

Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET) (Links to an external site.) website and search their collection of ancient Egyptian art. The link provided will take you directly to their collection of ancient Egyptian art. Scroll down and click through the various pages to browse the collection. When you click on an artifact it will take you to a page that contains additional information about that artifact.


  1. Find and research one artifact that contains iconographic symbolism. Recall from Chapter 5 Chapter 5that iconography refers to symbolic representations. This is an excerpt from Chapter 5 defining iconography: At the simplest of levels, iconography is the containment of deeper meanings in simple representations. It makes use of symbolism to generate narrative, which in turn develops a work’s meaning.
  2. In a paragraph (at least 5 or 6 sentences), briefly describe what the artifact is and identify the iconographic imagery. What is being represented visually and what does it symbolize iconographically? (e.g., a depiction of a dove meant to symbolize peace) 
  3. Include a link or a picture of the artifact.