Analysis, health, collective behavior, change, structual or cultural

Please write essays for each topic and APA citation for all.

Essay 1 – Analysis (150) words
In this discussion forum, students are required to provide a response to one of the following questions. Your response should answer all parts of the selected question. In addition, you should provide a substantive response to the selected question. Your response should add new, unique, original thoughts and ideas. Rely on the textbook and the lectures to construct your response. This means you are required to submit a post that says more than “I Like …” or “I Agree…” Most importantly, your response should provide a critical analysis of the question that integrates the weekly readings.

Question 1: How can we apply Durkheim’s ideas on the “collective conscience” to contemporary American society? What does Durkheim mean by “collective conscience?” In what ways has our collective conscience changed? In what ways will it change in the future?

Question 2: Emile Durkheim used the characteristics of primitive religion to establish a theory about modern-day religion. What are the strengths of Durkheim’s theory on religion? What are the weaknesses in his theory on religion?

Question 3: How can we apply Parsons’ ideas on the viability of social systems (i.e. AGIL) to present-day American society? What are the strengths of Parsons’ theory? What are the weaknesses in his theory?

Ritzer, G. (2008). Classical Sociological Theory, 5th Edition. Boston: McGraw
Hill. (ISBN-13: 978-0-07-352817-5).

Essay 2- Health, Collective Behavior, Change
Construct a mini-survey that measures the health consciousness of respondents. You only have to survey 3-5 individuals. This will most likely be your family, friends, or co-workers. Include in the survey whether or not the respondent is: considered obese by the textbook definition (more than 25 pounds over one’s ideal body weight), the extent of their eating habits, regularity of exercise, and other factors that you think are important. Include some basic demographic characteristics as a part of the survey, such as the respondents age, sex, and race. Tally your information and now give me some insight to the health habits of the individuals surveyed.

Read “The Genetic Crystal Ball: Do We Really Want to Look” on page 561. Answer the three questions posted at the end. Respond to at least ONE other student.


Read “Where Are the Girls? China’s One-Child Policy” on page 576. Answer the three questions posted at the end. Respond to at least ONE other student.


GO to: and view the video “Did you Know”. Tell me your thoughts on this. How does it relate to Sociology? To you? Respond to at least ONE other student.


For one day (24 hours) carry a trash bag with you all day. Put into this bag EVERYTHING that you throw away. Weigh the bag and discuss your thoughts. Did you know the average person discards about 5 pounds of trash per day. Where did you fall when it came to these statistics? Were you surprised by how little or how much you threw away? Are there changes you could make after reviewing your trash. Post your thoughts and respond to at least ONE other student.


What are the three most important technological changes that occurred in your lifetime? Explain why they were so important and what impact they have on your life now. If you now looked at your parents or grandparent what technological changes have impacted

Essay 3- Structural or cultural changes
Choose ONE of the following (150 words)

1) Pick one of the structural or cultural changes in America discussed in our text.
A. List the change using the words of Harper and Leicht being certain to use quotation marks and in-text citations.
B. In your own words, explain this as a Before and After picture.
C. Give an example of what this change looks like in American culture. How might the average person experience this change?

2) Describe your life in terms of ONE of the three areas of “change in the settings in everyday life”: demographic changes, changing families and/or transforming work. Explain how these changes have had an impact on your life. Describe ways in which you participate in recreating and/or changing these settings of everyday life for future generations.

Essay 4- MLK and Birmingham
Note all the initial objections raised against King’s actions in Birmingham and his responses to them. Do his responses appear satisfactory to you? Why or why not?

Did the nonviolent direct action, which King describes in his “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” successfully transform Birmingham, Alabama from a segregated to a just society in 1963?

Kelley, Robin D.G. and Lewis, Earl. To Make Our World Anew, Volume 2. Oxford, New York: Oxford University Press, 2005.
DuBois, W.E.B. The Souls of Black Folk. New York, NY: Penguin Press, 1996.
Souls of Black Folk-Available free online at

Essay 5 = Midlife crisis or just middle adulthood? (150 words)

For this discussion assignment we will dialog about Erikson’s developmental tasks of middle adulthood. How did you or will you handle these tasks?

The term “midlife crisis” is used frequently to describe sudden changes in male behavior. How do you think Erikson might explain this behavior change per his view of middle adulthood stage crises? And what of women? Why do you think it is that society tends not to use the word midlife crisis in describing a women who appears to make abrupt behavior pattern changes in midlife? What does this say about gender role expectations?

As an Erikson life task refresher, below is a PowerPoint presentation put together by a college student – sound not needed unless you are a Byrds fan. 😉