An english assignment to be done!



i want someone to do the following assignment:


Choose a Topic from those listed on slides in the Power Point presentation from Chapter 2 – Composing. Use method described in class to write the first paragraph of an essay on the chosen topic.  e.g.

A) List 10 items that come to mind about the topic (Brainstorm or do a self-assessment, only).
B) Prioritize (list items according to importance of information about topic the author wants to share)
C) Prioritize (rearrange the second time – in order of importance)

Take the three most important items (#s 1, 2, & 3) and use as sub-topics to write the first paragraph of your essay on chosen topic. Must be at least six (6) sentences and must show minimum three (3)references/sources in bibliography.


the powerpoint slides are attached..


i want to pick the topic of : ( the college life )


its due in two days..