Alice 3.5 homework help must use alice 3.5 | Intro to Computer Concepts & Application

Help with two labs. the second Lab 2 and be used with Lab 1. However, it must be two (2) documents. Lab 1 and Lab 2. 


(Alice 3.5) Lab 1

Scene building in Alice is a key step in the process of creating any animation or interactive project. 

For this lab assignment, you will choose a theme for your scene 

and insert a minimum of five different objects within the scene. 

Your goal is to create a story with your scene, objects, and their placement (rotate, resize, position, etc.).


Alice 3.5 Lab 2 

For this lab you can modify the Week 5 Lab 1 assignment or create a new one.

Ensure two of the scene objects are a person, animal, or a combination of each.

  • You will want one of your      objects to move toward another object.
  • These objects should not      overlap or touch one another.
  • Then you will have both objects      face the other and say a greeting to each other.
  • Finally, each object will then      face the camera and say “Goodbye”.

Ensure all criteria are met from the rubric for this lab to earn full credit on the assignment. Upload your assignment as an Alice (.a3p) file using the following naming protocol: HunterJordan-Alice-Week5-Lab2.a3p