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REMINDER — Draft due on Monday company is moodpizza

Posted on: Friday, February 23, 2018 1:10:20 PM CST

Hi Everyone,

A quick reminder that your TCD #2 Assignment – Internal and External Analysis is due Monday (both UPLOADED by 8am and a printed copy that you bring to class). PLEASE don’t wait until right before class to print your paper, because you need to be in class early or on time for the peer review process. You will also need to bring a highlighter (yellow or orange preferred) and a pen (any color other than black). 

Executive Leadership – (do not list or copy/paste the leaders’ information – write a brief narrative about what they offer)
Include: Relevant background, diversity, experience, etc.

External Environment – (See Exhibit 4.9, Exhibit 4.18, Ch 4 Appendix, Exhibit 4.1)
Factors in the Remote Environment
Industry Analysis
     Porter’s 5 Forces
Factors in the Operating Environment 

Internal Analysis – (see Value Chain Exhibit 6.6, and RBV Exhibit 6.7 to help develop other SWOT items; Chapter 6 Appendix; Company’s/competitors annual report – stock price, current and historic financial data, etc.)    

SWOT Analysis

Identification of Core Capabilities
Comparison and Forecast of Past Performance and with competitors
BCG Matrix

Attached is draft 1 done for the company  as an example


Well formatted paper 

8 references