5 history essay questions (need within 9 hours)

5 essay questions

1)     Is income inequality un-American, or is it a natural, unavoidable consequence of economic competition? Why? Note that I mean societal inequality in general, not just pay inequality based on gender. 

2)     How did scientific management of industrial processes change the nature of work for the average laborer? 

3)     How did Herbert Hoover’s belief in limited government intervention exacerbate the Great Depression?

4)     Roosevelt’s New Deal reforms arguably saved the U.S. during the Great Depression. But did Roosevelt have too much power with strong Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress for almost 12 years? Consider the long-term consequences of increased Presidential power in your answer.

5)    What has Globalization meant for U.S. workers? Workers in the developing world?


Need it within 9 hours