4.10 discussion post for maus ii, chps. 1-3


One aspect of Maus that we have yet to discuss is Artie’s relationship with Vladek, who dies before Artie publishes the final chapters of Maus. To create the last chapters, Artie uses recorded conversations to reconstruct his father’s story (207). Before Artie began interviewing Vladek for this biography, they were somewhat estranged, not having seen each other in “almost two years” (13). Difficult relationships between Holocaust survivors and their children are well documented as are challenging relationships between parents who’ve experienced trauma and their children.

Initial Post

For your initial post, please discuss the relationship as you see it between Artie and Vladek. To support your observations, make sure to provide evidence (meaning quotes and/or detailed visual analysis) of the text. You’re welcome to use one of the themes we have been working with while reading this text—identity, memory, racism/antisemitism, and language—or you may select another theme like trauma, love, friendship, etc. to discuss. Make sure that you present an argument/thesis in your post.

Make sure to document quotes with in-text citations so that we know where in the text you’re finding your ideas.

Posts that are missing quotes and evidence from the text will not receive a passing grade.