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For this forum, you will talk about your experience with using Page Layout. Page layout offers many features to help enhance the spreadsheet.  What is the purpose of using themes? List three things that can be customized in a theme. What is the main reason you might want to scale a worksheet so that it is smaller? Why might you want to make a worksheet larger? What pointers would you give to a classmate to make that process easier? Please include any aspects that you have learned so far in the course. Discuss your findings, your experiences, likes and dislikes, and the added benefits to you as well. Explain what you struggled with or what you found that was new and exciting that you plan to use personally.

You can learn more about Excel themes here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Change-a-theme-and-make-it-the-default-in-Word-or-Excel-c846f997-968e-4daa-b2d4-42bd2afef904