1 discussion must have 100 word and 1 reflection for 250 word


Introduction to Philosophy


Answer ONE of these two questions:

1. What philosopher or philosophy studied so far in this book has caused a fundamental change in your thinking/personal philosophy and why? This may be a simple awareness of something you had not considered before or a mind-blowing “wow” moment based on what has been said.

2. What philosopher or philosophy studied so far has confirmed or supported your current thinking or personal philosophy and why? (i.e., your thinking has basically remained unchanged, and you have found that you already agree with one of the philosophers studied. Possibly, you perhaps have found that one of the philosophers studied has strengthened certain beliefs you already held.)

Make sure you write enough to support your statement, i.e. comparing your philosophy to the “correct” philosopher, giving examples, etc. in a minimum of 100 words.


1. Discuss how Susan Bordo’s challenge to Descartes’ rationalism (p. 277-78) might impact the empirical criterion of meaning presented by David Hume(p. 297-300). Clue: Hume was focused on “sense perception” but Bordo raises a challenge to how perception takes place between males and females.

2. Do women “see” things differently than men?  Can you provide any evidence?  This is powerfully related to the answer to the number 1 above.  What about the title of a book like Men are from Mars; Women are From Venus (I am not supposing you have read it, but what does the title suggest)? What does this suggest about differences between men and women? If we can only know what our senses tell us (as Hume suggested)  are men and women living in the same universe? 

Minimum 250 words.