1-3 activity: roles and responsibilities

Note: This activity is designed to give you practice in assessing stakeholder roles and responsibilities, which you will do for your final project in Milestone One. 

Complete the Module One Stakeholder Register Template for an upcoming project: a sports team event. You may choose your favorite sports team or use the internet to search for a team. See the example video for background information regarding a stakeholder register: 

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Stakeholder: You must properly identify the applicable stakeholders for the sporting event. Remember that stakeholders include those that directly participate in the project as well as have an interest in the outcome.  

Role in Project: Each stakeholder has some sort of role in the project outcome. You must provide a brief description of the role of each stakeholder.  

Influence on Project Outcome: Some stakeholders have more of an influence over the project outcome than others. You are to describe, numerically or narratively, how much of an influence the stakeholder has over the outcome of the project.  

Needs: What does each stakeholder want out of the project? What is the stakeholder’s desired outcome?  

Responsibility: What is each stakeholder’s responsibility to the project? 

Please remember that this assignment is a lighthearted opportunity for you to show that you understand how a stakeholder register is used.